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"Hi, my name is
and I am
a Developer"

Steve Pronk

About me

Hi, my name is Steve Pronk and I am a Front-end & Back-end Web Developer. I love myself some code with coffee, even with some designing from time to time.

My second passion is long boarding. Just scrolling through the city, forest or alongside the beach is something I love to do. For me it is a good way to think about problems I come across while coding and most of the time it helps me to find a solution.

If you are looking for a person that can work great within a group or alone, then you have come to the right place!

My Skills

Javascript Javascript
Illustrator Illustrator
Git Git
ReactJS ReactJS
Laravel Laravel
Sass Sass
Bootstrap Bootstrap

My Portfolio

“My vision is to build Website’s & Web Applications for the future. Keeping in mind the rapid changing technology and being ahead of the rest.” “Some other quote to show that the other quote is active and this one not :)”

Now that is enough about me,
let’s talk about you and your idea’s!